Adila Chocolaterie

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Box Of Assorted Bonbons

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Our chocolates are made with one of the finest French Coverture chocolate, real cream and real fruits or nuts. Each bonbon is hand painted so no two are alike

Made fresh to order.
No artificial flavours
No preservatives.
Since our bonbons are made with the purest and freshest ingredients we suggest that these should be sotered in a cool place and consumed within two weeks of purchase.


Chocolate Bars

Our Bars are made with the finest chocolate and ingredients. The best part is you can build your own bar with your favorite ingrediants and combinations rather than buying premade ones.


Each bar is 100 Grams

Choose your own favorite topping

Made with the finest coverture chocolate




It all begins with Adila's passion to craft high quality, one of a kind chocolates that not only pleases your eyes or taste buds but also creates a unique and memorable experience.
To Adila there is nothing better tasting in the world than rich, pure and fine chocolate.


Our chocolates are crafted by hand in small batch with the finest and freshest ingredients. To Adila chocolate, as considered the food of gods, is without any doubt one of life's greatest experience. At Adila Chocolaterie, we use freshest and ethically sourced ingredients. For us it's really important to know where the beans and other ingredients are coming from and how they are cultivated. At Adila Chocolaterie we explore and invent flavours thus taking them to new heights.

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“There is nothing better than a friend,
  unless it is a friend with chocolate.” 

- Linda Grayson -

our Chocolate Bar


Our Chocolate Bars comes with two toppings of your choice.
All bars are made with the finest chocolate.
All chocolates and ingredients are ethically sourced.
With No preservatives.
No Artificial flavours.
100 Grams bars.



Pick up location:

NW Calgary In Hawkwood area

By appointments only

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