Blueberry Bonbon​

Milk chocolate shell filled with real blueberry ganache

Vanilla Bonbon

This Dark chocolate shell filled with 41% milk chocolate ganache and cookie crunch will take to to the pleasureful dark side of the chocolate world

Strawberry Blast

Milk Chocolate shell filled with scrumptious strawberry ganache.

Passion Fruit Bonbon

Milk chocolate filled with Silky Passion fruit Ganache inclosed in a delicate milk  chocolate shell

Hazelnut latte

Our all-time favourite Hazelnut ganache topped with espresso coffee ganache. a perfect combination of yumminess.


Made with real pistachios 


Summer special Fresh Mangoes with white chocolate covered with dark chocolate shell

Morning Burst.        

Our award winning white chocolate bonbon, perfect combination of orange and calamansi lime ganache layered with rose petals

Salted Caramel

soft buttery caramel balanced with ur 70% dark chocolate and sea salt Yummmm

Tropical Treat

Sweet MZangoes paired with coconut. A taste of heaven


Dark chocolate infused with mint perfect after dinner .......

Fruit Explossion

Respberry pate de fruit coverd with real kiwi ganache

Early Mornings

chocolate ganache infused with coffee for a good start of the day

Caramel pecan

our signature yummy chewy caramel with pecan pieces

Blues and oranges

blue berry and orange ganache incased in our milk chocolate triangle


Pure hazelnut ganache with milk chocolate shell

Matcha tea

Matcha tea ganache with milk chocolate shell a perfect combination


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