Box of Bonbons (Assorted Flavours)

SKU: 0001

 comes in 4pcs, 6pcs, 12pcs, 15pcs, 24pcs, 

Party trays of 30, 48, or 105 piece of fine bonbons are also available.


Box of Chocolates
  • Product Info

    Our chocolates are made with one of the best French Coverture chocolate, real cream and fruits or nuts. Each bonbon is hand painted so no two are alike. Our bonbons are made fresh to order with no artificial colors, no preservatives and no added sugar. Since our bonbons are made with the purest and freshest ingredients we suggest that these should be consumed with in two weeks of purchase.

  • Refund Policy

    Since its a consumable product we do not do any refunds.

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    We are currently shipping to Calgary and surrounding areas.


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NW Calgary In Hawkwood area

By appointments only

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